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Mary Dopson of Grosvenor: Missed fleet management opportunities

BROKERS are missing out on fleet management opportunities by not putting enough emphasis on the financial benefits of grey fleet management and risk management.

That’s the verdict of a survey conducted by Grosvenor Leasing which asked over 100 customers to rank what was important to them that showed the two services widely offered in the fleet sector as being essential ranked poorly in the survey.

Of the respondents, 57% of companies felt grey fleet management was either ‘Unimportant’ or ‘Very unimportant’ (with 36.7% remaining impartial to the benefits), and only 17.3% saw the value of risk management with 52% rating it as either ‘unimportant’ or ‘very unimportant’.

“Our survey drew opinion from a broad cross section of our clients,” said Mary Dopson, Grosvenor Leasing’s customer services director.

“Those who responded run vehicle fleets ranging from just a few cars and vans up to many hundreds, making this a strong reflection of business needs.

“Most interesting is the lack of interest in grey fleet and risk management because, without proper measures in place, these are areas that could leave a company very exposed if a driver has a serious accident.

“They are also both areas where a lot of money can be saved and, rather than being viewed as an expense to the business, should be seen as offering a strong return on investment.”

“Of companies that use a contract hire or fleet management provider to assist with the running of their fleet 92.7% deem it as vital for their business, yet only 6% feel they need help with their grey fleet.

Beyond contract hire and fleet management of cars, the most in-demand services for companies, in order of priority, are online fleet management reporting, with 57.4% rating this as either ‘Important’ or ‘Very Important’, daily rental (47%), easi-Lease, for hires over 28 days (44%), online driving licence checks (40.4%), direct day-to-day contact with drivers (39.6%), accident management (35.8%) and fuel cards (18.5%).




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