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THE Leasing Broker Federation has been significantly bolstered by the Bridle Group of leasing brokers joining the Federation.

The 18 companies that have joined the Leasing Broker Federation take the total number of members close to 150.

The Bridle Group has been in acquisitive mood over the past few years – the latest addition to the stable has been GoGreen Leasing.

Alan Carreras, Managing Director of the Bridle Group, said: “Having recently attended the Christmas luncheon where Ralph and his team had assembled an informative panel discussion which included an array of talented industry experts, followed by generous networking opportunities with other like minded individuals, we thought it was about time we rejoined the Federation – and in force!

The full list of Bridle Group brokers joining the Federation are:

Bridle Vehicle Leasing

Totally Vans

Bentley Walker

Bentley Walker Minibus

School Minibus Company

Automotive Funding Solutions


Alternative Route


Platinum Funding

Compass Vehicle Leasing

Advanced Vehicle Contracts

IVL Leasing

Go Green Leasing

Fulton Vehicle Leasing

Total Fleet

Total Cars

Total Vans

We look forward to meeting those brokerages over the course of 2019.


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