BT Screen Shot 2016 04 28
BT Screen Shot 2016 04 28

A FLEET management first is being claimed by BT Fleet telematics “intelligent end-to-end solution”.

The solution integrates with BT Fleet’s other core products and provides a range of value-added features such as monitoring driver behaviour, measuring fuel performance and vehicle tracking.

BT Fleet Telematics gives operators visibility and control over their vehicles. The data produced is provided in real-time and can be delivered through a choice of hardware ranging from on-board diagnostics and hard-wired devices to in-cab light bars and dash cams.

The real-time information from BT Fleet Telematics is then enriched by BT Fleet to recommend further improvements to fleet performance, turning data into valuable insights to help optimise fleet efficiency.

BT Fleet Telematics can be tailored to meet individual needs, providing users with the tools needed to reduce costs, vehicle downtime, accidents and driver risk, enabling fleet operators to meet their duty of care.

Ian Martin, strategy, transformation and marketing director at BT Fleet, said: “There are many telematics solutions on the market, but this is the first which offers a complete end-to-end service. It provides users with data that’s key to the efficient management of a fleet and also makes use of that data intelligently.

“For example, if it detects a vehicle fault we’ll contact the driver to arrange for it to be repaired in a BT Fleet garage, making a cost saving and minimising vehicle downtime. It also integrates with our Accident Management product by triggering a notification to contact the driver and capture details of the incident and third party.  We believe no one else in the fleet industry can pro-actively respond in this way.”


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