LBF Agata Stachaszewska Alphabet Head of Marketing and Business Development
LBF Agata Stachaszewska Alphabet Head of Marketing and Business Development

A SERIES of Business Briefings has been published by the new Head of Marketing & Business Development for Alphabet- Agata Stachaszewska.

Stachaszewska joined Alphabet in the UK from the company’s Munich-based headquarters, Alphabet International, where she was Manager for Business Strategy & Market Intelligence.

She began her career with ING Group in 2006, undertaking roles in their Polish and Korean operations. In 2011 Stachaszewska became Marketing & Business Development Director for Alphabet Poland, introducing the brand to the Polish market for the first time.

The Alphabet Business Briefings address key subjects for fleets.

Stachaszewska said: “We’re really excited about the reaction to our new Alphabet ‘Business Briefings’ as they address the key topics which are ‘front of mind’ for small to medium sized fleets.

“Our new briefings have been designed to give fleet decision makers and influencers some answers to the big questions keeping them awake at night.”

The briefings, available from Alphabet’s website, include:

  • How can I ensure my vehicle fleet is helping, rather than hindering, the bottom line of my business?
  • What do I need to know about changing emissions regulations and tax legislation – and what can I do about it?
  • How do I know if what I’m doing is enough in terms of my duty of care responsibilities – and how can I keep up to date?

Stachaszewska added: “These new Business Briefings reflect our re-focus on the appeal of Alphabet’s innovative, progressive and customer-centric proposition to the SME and Commercial Vehicle sectors.”


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