EV Car or Electric car at charging station
EV Car or Electric car at charging station
  • Bigger, better and in Birmingham
  • Venue is the National Motor Museum
  • Date is October 02, 2018
  • Conference followed by annual Leasing Broker Awards and LBF Top30
  • Simple pricing structure

THE Leasing Broker Conference 2018 will have as its theme ‘What does the future look like?’.

What are the factors that will be influencing your sector in the future – and how prepared are you to meet them?

Nick Molden is the CEO of Emissions Analytics
Molden:  emission choices

Our topics will be:

  • Electrification – what’s happening? Are you prepared for your customers? How do you transition them to an electrified future? Our key speaker is James McKemey, Head of Insights, Pod Point.
  • This will be supported by a panel discussion including Mike Potter, Managing Director of FleetDrive, winner of the Best Green Leasing Broker for four successive years; Paul Hollick, Managing Director of TMC, and a specialist on business mileage charging for EVs (a non-fuel in HMRC’s eyes); and Sylvie Childs, Senior Product Manager at Hyundai, and a specialist in hydrogen
  • What are the hot areas for 2019? This was the most liked presentation from last year when Felipe Munoz from JATO Dynamics presented a fascinating view of 2018
  • How can you help fleets make intelligent choices on emissions? Our key speaker on this has been confirmed as Nick Molden, CEO of Emissions Analytics

    Nick Laird SsangYong
    Nick Laird: building value

  • And how will WLTP and RDE affect residual values in 2019? Our key speaker on this has been confirmed as Rupert Pontin, Director of Valuations at Cazana
  • The tax implications of WLTP – and future tax legislation. Our key speaker on this has been confirmed as Nigel Morris of MHA Macintyre Hudson
  • 5G and connectivity – can you live without it? Or will it be the ‘fuel’ of the future?
  • Developing the value in your business. Our key speaker on this is Nick Laird, Managing Director of SsangYong

So join us and our line up of expert speakers to find out at the second Leasing Broker Federation Conference.

Last year’s event was a huge success. And we’re better from this year’s event which will also be shaped by the Leasing Broker Federation Steering Committee.

Rupert Pontin of Cazana
Pontin: RV impact

“Another excellently LBF organised event with a great range of speakers and fantastic content. The day was both thoroughly professional and relaxed at the same time,” said Steve Johnson of Reliance Vehicle Management.

We asked you to rate our speakers out of five where five is excellent – all our speakers were rated 4 or 5, such was the quality of their presentations.

“You’ve definitely set the bar high for the 2018 Conference!” added Paul Parkinson of Synergy Automotive.

Nigel Morris
Morris: tax expert

What you’ll get from Conference

  • Industry intelligence
  • Stimulating conference speakers
  • Networking opportunities
  • The opportunity to stay on to the evening awards event and LBF T30

Meet the sponsors

Our sponsors of the Leasing Broker Conference and Awards dinner are Arval, Lex Autolease, Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions, FleetProcure, APD and Carmmunity.

Flexible ticketing policy

We learned from last year to keep the pricing structure simple. So you can choose from the following:

  • Buy a Combined ticket
  • A Conference ticket only
  • Or just a Dinner ticket only
  • The choice is yours

One thing is for sure. Don’t miss out. It will be the industry highlight of the year.

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