Volkswagen and Tesco chargepoint partnership 2
Volkswagen and Tesco chargepoint partnership 2

MOVING to electric cars is some way off it seems.

Although November new car sales saw a near 25% increase in demand for Alternative Fuel Vehicles (AFVs) it appears UK plc is still unconvinced.

According to Reading-based broker Select Car Leasing, 60% of motorists are still unlikely to consider an electric car for their next vehicle.

According to a study run by Select, it found the greatest limitations to EV adoption were:

  • There are too few charging stations – almost 47% of those who were unlikely to consider an electric vehicle stated that ‘charging stations are still a little hard to find’.
  • Electric vehicles aren’t good for long journeys – 2 in 5 people stated that a main limitation of electric vehicles was that ‘the slow recharge time meant that they weren’t suitable for long journeys.’
  • There isn’t enough choice – 1 in 5 people who wouldn’t consider an electric car stated that the limited choice of make and model were a limitation.
  • Electric cars are too expensive – 2 in 5 people stated that they feel that electric vehicles are too expensive to buy.
  • Electric cars aren’t as reliable and have worse performance – 27% of people who were resistant to considering an electric car said that the lack of garages that can service or repair electric vehicles was a factor.

Yesterday’s BVRLA conference (December 06, 2018) highlighted the issue in its report for 2019, calling it ‘The long road to zero’.

BVRLA said that fleet industry opinion was united on seeing a future dominated by electric powertrains. The big questions, however, was not ‘if’ we get there, but ‘how’ and ‘when’.


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