Leasing Broker Awards

AWARDS. They take effort. They take organisation. They are seemingly ‘not core’. But enter awards and the payoffs that can result pay dividends.

Especially if you win!

But the credibility that comes from being seen to enter awards is as important.

That’s why it’s crucial enter this year’s Leasing Broker Awards. Especially as we are introducing a Commended Award for those who just miss out on the main prize.

So here’s why entering the Leasing Broker Awards can be good for your business.

Get your business name in the spotlight

Whether you win, make the shortlist or get commended, the resultant publicity is good for getting your brand across to the public.

It’s important to make the most of this publicity, whether that’s through press releases, social media or stories on your website. it gives you a chance to reach out to your existing customers to substantiate their faith in you; and the possibility to attract new clients.

Don’t underestimate the power of an award. It brings cachet.

A bit of business assessment

While entering awards can seem arduous, the time spent can be highly rewarding for you to understand your business better.

Where you are operating successfully; where processes could be improved. Think of it as a bit of personal business analysis. And even if you don’t win, it gives you the opportunity to benchmark yourself against the winner. What did they do better – and why?

Networking opportunities

The Leasing Broker Awards are a great opportunity for you to talk to the judges, meet your fellow brokers and perhaps forge new relationships. After all, why wouldn’t you want to meet your best in the business colleagues in a convivial environment?

Gain credibility for your business

Even if you don’t win, a commended or shortlisted logo speaks volumes to your potential customers. It differentiates your brokerage from rival broker firms, provides additional reassurance to customers and demonstrates your confidence in your business to be judged impartially.

Boost staff morale

Think about it – winning an award is the biggest pat on the back you can give your staff for all their hard work. It’s something to celebrate with staff and gives them extra belief in your business. It can also help recruit new staff who are attracted to an award winning company.

Enter the Leasing Broker Awards

There are nine awards you can enter:

  • Best Small Leasing Broker​
  • Best Medium Leasing Broker
  • Best Large Leasing Broker
  • Best Marketing & Innovation Award
  • Best Small Leasing Broker Customer Service Award
  • Best Medium Leasing Broker Customer Service Award
  • Best Large Leasing Broker Customer Service Award
  • Best Green Leasing Broker Award
  • Best Van Leasing Broker Award

Plus the judges will pick their Leasing Broker of the Year.  It could be you. But first you have to enter.

Have a look and consider where you could excel.

Enter the awards now


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