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THE first wave of the Leasing Broker Federation’s rolling research has been published and participants will be receiving an email with their copy.

The survey brings feedback from Leasing Brokers covering both the pre-lockdown and current lockdown situation.
While optimism has reduced across the board, there is still a prediction of growth this year.
Some funders have exited the market since the lockdown but there has been a shift in what Leasing Brokers need from the funders, moving more towards support around faster payments, support and reassurance.
Winners this year are predicted to be the lower or zero emission vehicles over the next 12 months.


The Federation, in partnership with APD Global Research, launched the new market research programme to provide regular insight on current trends in the market.

It looks at brokers’ perception of funders and manufacturers, as well as opinions on who is best in supporting the sector and with whom they have the best relationships.


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