Andrew Leech Fleet Evolution
Andrew Leech Fleet Evolution

WEST MIDLANDS broker Fleet Evolution is offering free consultancy to small businesses.

The small business free consultancy offer is available during August and September to any small business with fewer than 300 employees.

The consultancy will help those small businesses currently facing a barrage of confusing and bewildering legislation and admin.

These include the impact of the WLTP, and OpRA arrangements governing salary sacrifice.

Managing director, Andrew Leech, said:

“I’ve met with a number of small businesses recently that are totally confused by the new legislative changes around the OpRA rules affecting salary sacrifice car schemes.

“We also have the issue of WLTP and the CO2 gap that is becoming apparent between the correlated values under the old NEDC regime and those under the new WLTP test.

“Many small businesses we have spoken to are unaware that the new WLTP tests will apply to all new car production from September and that, as a consequence, their drivers could face increases in their CO2 emissions-linked company car tax bills because of the discrepancies between the old and the new tests.

“There seems general confusion over what OpRA means for salary sacrifice and we typically find current policies woefully out of date.” said Leech.


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