Hamel Patel
Hamel Patel

CARMMUNITY has strengthened its management team with the arrival of Hamel Patel as Sales and Marketing Director, jumping over from his previous role within Ford’s contract hire department.

After 19 years at Ford, Patel will oversee a growing team and a business which experienced 90% growth last year over 2017 to 3000 vehicles..

Carmmunity was established more than six years ago as a Ford partner, to go out to brokers and be a ‘custodian’ of the carmaker’s terms.

Patel said: “It is much easier for Ford to Audit a small number of businesses like Carmmunity who can then handle the business with a much, much higher number of brokers out there in the market – we are a sort of middle man.

“Carmmunity can relieve the pressure for the carmaker and the brokers by finding stock and arranging delivery etc. All the customer has to do is commit to buying.

“It’s been interesting and quite an insight to see the business from both sides.”




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