GROSVENOR Leasing showcased a range of electric vehicles and run EV workshops as part a new customer initiative.

The one-day event, which was the first of its kind, took place at The Glenmorangie Company in Scotland – a Grosvenor Leasing customer, famous for its whisky and part of Moët Hennessy-Louis Vuitton (LVMH). 

Glenmorangie employees were able to test drive cars from Tesla, Mitsubishi and Nissan plus spend time with experts from Grosvenor’s 0Zone team who answered questions about choosing electric vehicles and provided key information regarding moving to all electric.

Mark Gallagher, Grosvenor’s green fleet specialist, said: “A key part of Glenmorangie’s culture is sustainability, and we have been working very closely with them to replace their traditional petrol and diesel fleet with electric cars and vans.

“Now that the initial adoption of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles is gathering pace, we decided to run an EV day with Glenmorangie to help all of their drivers see the benefits of these vehicles and answer their questions.

“By taking the cars to their offices made it easy for staff to get involved without disrupting their working day.”

0Zone is Grosvenor Leasing’s pioneering solution, helping companies make the smooth transition to electric and ultra-low emission vehicles.

In 2018 0Zone won the best green product in the BusinessCar awards, and a highly commended award in the Green Fleet Awards, putting Grosvenor Leasing on the map as the company spearheading ULEVs and EVs and helping many companies with their green strategies along the way.

Earlier this year, Mark Gallagher was presented with a BVRLA hero award for his work around the green agenda, and he has worked closely with Glenmorangie to help with a transition to EVs.

As a result, Glenmorangie has replaced vehicles with plug-in hybrid models of the 4-wheel drive Mitsubishi Outlander, alongside fully electric Nissan Leafs and the Tesla Model 3.

The 0Zone team also looked at Glenmorangie’s pool fleet, managed by a central administration office, with a view to converting all company and pool vehicles to plug-in models across the board.

“Having an electric vehicle day at our bottling facility in Livingston was a tremendous initiative and a huge success,” said Danielle Beall-Kemp, Glenmorangie’s indirect purchasing manager. 

“It’s really important to us as a business to move towards zero emission driving, and by enabling our staff to drive the cars and spend time with Grosvenor’s team of experts went a long way towards reassuring people that an electric vehicle is a great choice for their next company car.”






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