AS the lockdown eases and the Government gradually allows offices to open, how confident are you that you have the necessary safety and social distancing provisions?

It’s something the Leasing Broker Federation has been looking at and one possible solution is through CONFCARE; a brand of the Confezioni Andrea Group.

It has devised patented, non-permanent and cost effective solutions, with its newly developed barriers that can help you and your teams to prepare to return to work and regain lost revenue to grow your business again.

CONFCARE said its systems are easy to install, lightweight, adaptable to different geometries, flexible, removable, easy to move and roll, durable plus they are easy to clean and disinfect.

The system forms a thin barrier without creating human and emotional separation with customers and other people.

Compared to other fixed structures such as plexiglass, it can be assembled without the aid of any tools.

it is also removable, adaptable and mobile structure that CONFCARE said minimises the risk of spreading the infection from one person to another.

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