Pie survey header
Pie survey header

PIES…A key ingredient at football matches to keep the hunger at bay, but what’s your favourite?

Vanarama has been finding out with its Great British Pie Survey.

And with the results in and served up piping hot it’s official that Steak & Ale is the UK’s favourite pie – and most like to eat them at home, but second choice is at a football match. And quite right, too.

The results were released on America’s National Pie Day this week – well, Vanarama is expanding Stateside – but it helps to plan for British Pie Week on March 5-11.

To make it more fun and engaging, they decided to wrap all of the juicy facts and meaty stats in one mouth-watering, pie-chart packed infographic here.

Some 600 people from across the UK (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales) answered the survey, and here are the key stats:

  • With 21% of the vote, Steak & Ale is the UK’s favourite pie filling, followed closely by Chicken & Mushroom on 15%, and Steak & Kidney on 14%.
  • Dinner (evening) is the nation’s choice for the perfect time to eat a pie with 52% choosing it as their BIG meal of the day.
  • And, most people (54%) agree that eating a pie at home is the best location to do so, with a football match being the closest result …although trailing behind on just 15% and in a van or at work on 14%.
  • The survey also found that 77% of the UK would put a pie in a personal list of their top 5 favourite foods.
  • And finally, the UK loves a hot pie, with 86% of the UK going for piping hot gravy over cold, wet pie jelly and fillings.

Pies are a billion-pound industry in the UK, and if our results are anything to go by it proves that while there may be a national winner – Steak and Ale – our pie tastes are as diverse as our population.

The infographic has some more surprises for you stat lovers out there…can you guess what Northern Ireland voted as its top pie filling? There’s even some random pie facts in there…such as how many characters Shakespeare killed off in his plays with pies – that was a surprise too.



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