Leasing Broker Federation T30
Nationwide Vehicle Contracts' Dave Johnson receives the first LBF T30 award from Ralph Morton

LBF T30 logoTHE Leasing Broker Federation launched the LBF T30 at the Leasing Broker Awards and Dinner last night at RSA House, London (November 23).

This new initiative has been designed to highlight the growing influence of brokers on the automotive sector and will be repeated year on year to provide a bell-weather of the leasing broker sector.

It will be the definitive list for leasing brokers.

“This has been something I’ve wanted to do for over eight years now. It provides a clear indication of the influence on the market of the Federation’s leasing brokers with the majority showing growth year on year,” said Ralph Morton, editor of Leasing Broker News.

“The leasing industry has its own highly established and influential FN50 annual listing of leasing companies; we want the LBF T30 to have similar status for leasing brokers.

“I’m grateful to each and every one of the brokers who participated in this this initial running of the LBF T30. In particular, praise must go to those new start up brokerages brave enough to enter a zero. They have understood the importance of charting their growth trajectory in the future.”

The inaugural LBF T30 was headed by Nationwide Vehicle Contracts with its fleet size under management of 37,523 vehicles. To put this figure into perspective, that would place Nationwide at number 12 in the FN50.

Although clearly there is no asset risk for the brokers, it does highlight the magnitude of their influence on the personal leasing and SME sector.

Dave Johnson from Nationwide collected the inaugural prize in recognition for its achievement in heading the first LBF T30.

Leasing Broker Federation T30


Company Name

Fleet size 2016

Fleet size 2015

1 Nationwide Vehicle Contracts 37523 25466
2 Fleet Alliance 26930 18709
3 Total Motion Vehicle Management 21433 15426
4 Select Car Leasing 11015 5412
5 Vansdirect 9839 7734
6 Bridle Group 5803 3689
7 MW Vehicle Contracts 5000 5000
8 Rivervale 4000 3400
9 Synergy Automotive 3975 2752
10 Complete Vehicle Management 2569 2662
11 Jet Vehicle Finance 2422 1500
12 Vehiclesavers.com 2366 2346
13 Academy Leasing 1850 1800
14 GB Vehicle Leasing 1574 1174
15 Autohorn Fleet Services 1500 1200
16 Kudos Vehicle Management 1500 1200
17 Greenfleets 1430 1285
18 Alpha Contracts Leasing 1058 911
19 Concept Vehicle Leasing 846 747
20 Pike & Bambridge 832 568
21 My Big Green Fleet 460 520
22 New Vehicle Solutions 427 344
23 Leasewell 285 214
24 Kew Vehicle Leasing 90 0
25 Reliance Vehicle Management 78 70
26 Motorlet 50 0
27 Aspire Vehicle Finance 0 0
28 CarVanGo Leasing 0 0
29  –  –  –
30  –  –  –

The LBF T30 is open to members of the Leasing Broker Federation, with over 100 members. Entrants self-certify. There were 28 brokers who entered this year’s LBF T30.


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