Leasing Broker Federation – Associate membership

The Leasing Broker Federation is an independent membership organisation supporting leasing brokers and operators across the UK.

The fundamentals of the Federation are to promote the leasing broker sector – through awards, research and news stories including member achievements – and provide networking and new business opportunities.

There are currently more than 170 members – representing the premier leasing brokerages in the UK.

What draws Brokers to join and remain part of federation?

A group of over 170 like minded brokers who see the value to their business and their staff by:

  1. Keeping up to date with current market trends
  2. Having an understanding of what will affect their business and the market in the future
  3. Learning from peers on what works well
  4. Meeting leading funders and service suppliers

Here is what some of our federation members say:

Benefits to you of being an Associate member and programme partner:

  1. Additional sales opportunities through broker meetings
  2. Sales enquiries generated by digital ‘meet the suppliers’ service
  3. Key information sharing
  4. Quarterly ‘real time’ research dashboard
  5. A copy of the annual survey

Memberships available:


To find out more about the above, please contact Nick Ratcliffe at nick@businessmanager.co.uk or Andy Hirons at andy@businesscarmanager.co.uk