Leasing Broker London luncheon
Don't miss out - Leasing Broker London luncheon with discussion on deepening your relationships with clients

The Leasing Broker London Luncheon – it’s on December 05, 2018, so put the date in your diary and call Andy to reserve today.

It will start with a discussion led by ODO, APD Global and Carmmunity on opportunities to increase the return from your customer base.

It will then be followed by a drinks reception and sumptuous four course luncheon and networking.

The event will take place at our new offices in Covent Garden where there is a special dining area:

​7 Dials Club
42 Earlham Street

The chef who will be creating the lunch for you is from Fortnum & Mason. But don’t worry: there’s no turkey and trimmings! However, we do guarantee there will be wine to match the sumptuous food. Timetable is from 1130 for the discussion, followed by lunch. The event is supported by Carmmunity.

deepen customer relationships
Understand how you can deepen your customer relationships

Rob Whalley, Managing Director of APD Global Research added:

“The Leasing Broker Survey which we presented at Conference pointed out that brokers will be diversifying, providing additional services to their customers, bringing with it new opportunities to strengthen their relationships and customer service. This is an opportunity for brokers to deepen their involvement with their customer base.”

Call Andy on 0203 773 6138 or email him at andy@businesscarmanager.co.uk. Alternatively, use the form below.

Leasing Broker Regional Lunch, London, December 05, 2018

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