Leasing Broker London Luncheon place setting
Leasing Broker London Luncheon place setting

THE Leasing Broker London Luncheon 2018 is nearly upon us. Taking place next week on December 05, 2018, we have what amounts to a mini conference with 46 attendees.

However, we would respectfully remind attendees that settlement of all invoices is required before the luncheon.

We thank you for your co-operation.

Andy Hirons, General Manager, Leasing Broker Federation

Leasing Broker London Luncheon Attendee list

David Friend Profitable sites
Paul Turner APD Global Research
John Wallace FleetFirst Contract Hire
Chris Codd Premia Solutions
Ian Vodden Carmmunity
Lou Hughes Carmmunity
Chris Swallow Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions
Ray Coates Greenhous
Martin Sargent Lookers Group Fleet
Andy Houston Andy Houston
Lee Jones Kew Vehicle Leasing
Rob Whalley APD Global Research
Andrew Burgess Greenhous
Dave Rainer Crusader Vans
Martin Drake ODO
Steve Cocks Lex Autolease
Alan Carreras Bridle Vehicle Leasing
Malcolm Hughes Lookers Group Fleet
Steve Blair-Smith Lookers Group Fleet
Michael Thurgood Lookers Group Fleet
Debra Flint Ray Chapman Motors
Arron Mogridge FleetProcure
Khalid Pender Sensible Cars
Cemal Polat Best Contract Cars
Kevin Connor CVM Group
Andrew Walton-Green CVM Group
Kevin Smith Lex Autolease
Brett MyDVS
Martin Duddridge Ideal Autolease
Duncan Rujas Churchill Vehicle Leasing
Daphne Fagin AFL (Fleet Management)
Scott Sumner CarVanGo
Ben East i247 Group
Dave Jones Mad Sheep Leasing
Wendy Johnson Jet Vehicle Finance
Peter Briggs-Fish Jet Vehicle Finance
Luke Mears VIP Vehicles
Paul Parkinson Synergy Automotive
Roger Burkill Ray Chapman Motors
Thomas Bennett Lookers Group Fleet
Zakia Ishaq MotorLease UK
Heather Wilkie MotorLease UK
Ralph Morton Leasing Broker Federation
Chris Wright Motor Trade News
Nick Ratcliffe Leasing Broker Federation
Mark Gibson AP14 Ltd
Andy Hirons Leasing Broker Federation
Roger Herring Business Car Manager



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