Leasing Options apprentices
Leasing Options apprentices

MANCHESTER-based broker Leasing Options has taken on two further apprentices.

Thomas Crook and Christopher Lucas (both 18) have joined Leasing Options. They follow in the  footsteps of Conor Hill, who has recently joined the company in a permanent role following an apprentice period.

Both Thomas and Christopher have started work under the sales support banner in the proposals team.

Mike Thompson, Leasing Options  Director of Sales and Marketing, explained that apprentices are helping the company bring tomorrow’s talent to the forefront of vehicle leasing.

“Apprenticeships allow people to learn on the job, an essential skill in today’s fast-moving market.

“Very often, university graduates come to us with three years of in-depth studying and the resulting qualification, but very little hands-on experience.

“We find that apprentices have the get up and go needed to work in this industry, something which Conor really embraced and one of the reasons why we couldn’t let him go at the end of his apprenticeship.”

Conor, who has just completed his 12 month apprenticeship, is now an administrator and member of the sales support team.


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