Marc Mcloughlin 001 1
Marc Mcloughlin 001 1

WE want to find out a little bit more about you all to share with the rest of the Federation members in this feature. It’s a bit of fun. And here’s Marc McLoughlin of KeyFleet telling all.


Marc McLoughlin

Home town

Clitheroe, Lancs



Car you’re driving at the moment

BMW 335d X Drive Saloon Auto

Football or rugby team you support

Blackburn Rovers (ish – now that they are winning again!)

Why did you join the Federation?

We’d been considering membership for a while but just felt that the uptake and quality of membership made it an easy decision to make for 2018. Plus there seems to be more and more funder and manufacturer engagement which we would like to get involved with. I’m a great believer in collaboration and partnership and look forward to meeting some like-minded peers.

When you’re not running your business, what do you do to relax?

When I DO relax I enjoy a good run, listening to music and audio books, good food and wine and leisurely walks with my fiancée in the Ribble Valley or Lake District. The simple life… I Definitely a country guy rather than the city.

Where’s your favourite place to holiday?

Mallorca. I’ve travelled around a little but maybe not as widely as I’d like but perhaps that just because of how easy and accessible Mallorca is. My family have been visiting the island for years and my brother has a property there. I’ve just booked to go to Santa Maria again in May.

If you could unwind one decision or moment in your life, what would it be?

That’s difficult to say. I try not to focus on negatives. Let’s flip that around. The best decision I took personally was to stop smoking around seven years ago. In business, undoubtedly it was the decision to focus on B2B around three years ago and build a unique offer for the fleet market.

The best funder conference after party?

I haven’t been on many funder ones as we only secured our first direct line around two or three years ago even though the business is celebrating its 10th birthday this year. National Fleet Services hosted a great event at Warwick Castle a few years back which was fab so I’d say that one so far to date.

What’s the key issue facing your business this year?

Our main challenge this year is to continue our transition to B2B and we hope to be transacting 80-90% BCH in the coming months. To achieve this; we need to ensure our team are skilled enough to serve that sector in the way we have designed and that we continue to innovate our fleet management system, ‘Keys’, whilst refining our marketing strategy and methods to create the right opportunities for our specific target market.

Emoji – use them or despise them?

Oh I use them. I love a smiley face at the bottom of an email – makes us more human don’t you think?

Who is your business hero?

My dad. He passed away when I was 12 but he was a charismatic entrepreneur, a professional and a family man all the way.

Coffee or tea?

I’m multi-caffeinated but have to swing the way of the bean!

Does your business support local charities? Which ones?

Absolutely we do. We’ve raised plenty for Rosemere Cancer Research in the past but more recently have got involved with the East Lancs Hospice who do some fantastic work locally. I was introduced to them through personal circumstances, but they are also members of my BNI chapter. We’ve just signed up to their ‘corporate challenge’ and are looking to host a football tournament for them this summer. Supporting charities and the larger local community as a whole is part of our company ethics.

Greatest sporting moment of the year so far

You’d have to say Federer at Wimbledon – an amazing achievement. Although going a touch further back I really love that moment in late ’16 where Alastair Brownlee forfeited the race to aid his brother Johnny over the line in the World Tri Series in Mexico. Brotherly love…



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