Gary Smith Neva Kent
Gary Smith Neva Kent

That’s right, we want to get personal. We want to find out a little bit more about you to share with Federation members in this new feature.
Here is Gary Smith of Neva Consultants Kent telling all.


Gary Smith

Home town

Broadstairs, Kent


Neva Consultants Kent

Car you’re driving at the moment

Volkswagen Golf R

Football or rugby team you support

Manchester United and The Hurricanes Super Rugby team

Why did you join the Federation?

To raise the profile of my business and to benefit from being a member of a professional organisation.

When you’re not running your business, what do you do to relax?

Play football and golf. Spend time with my family.

Where’s your favourite place to holiday?

South of France

If you could unwind one decision or moment in your life, what would it be?

Every time that I don’t buy the winning Lottery ticket.

The best funder conference after party?

I haven’t attended one.

What’s the key issue facing your business this year?

Dealing with customers that are only interested in the lowest possible rental, with no regard for the level of service and expertise offered.

Emoji – use them or despise them?

Occasionally with family and friends.

Who is your business hero?

A very good school friend who, sadly, is no longer with us.

Coffee or tea?


Does your business support local charities? Which ones?

Yes, as the inclination takes me, rather than on a regular basis.

Greatest sporting moment of the year so far

Ibrahimovic’s debut for LA Galaxy.


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