Mercedes GLC
Mercedes GLC

MERCEDES topped the Q2 leasing charts – at the expense of Audi.

The latest figures from Fleet Procure, the broker-dealer procurement platform, shows that attractive deals on the Mercedes GLC SUV had helped Mercedes into top spot.

Good deals on the E-Class saloon also helped.

However, Audi’s new agency model, introduced from April, has certainly had an effect on overall volumes: top of the charts in Q1, Audi has slumped to seventh.

Kia has also advanced – moving up from p6 in Q1 to p2 in Q3 thanks to good volumes on the Kia Sportage. Interestingly, petrol Sportage demand was higher than diesel. Otherwise the overall picture looks stable.

“The big points to note are that Audi is down 71% in Q2 versus Q1, whilst Mercedes was up 105%,” commented Director of Fleet Procure, Lee Jones.
“Mercedes has certainly scooped much of Audi’s market,” he added.

Most ordered car brands Q2

1 Mercedes-Benz (3)
2 Kia (6)
3 Volkswagen (2)
4 BMW (5)
5 JLR (4)
6 Nissan (9)
7 Audi (1)
8 Vauxhall (-)
9 Ford (7)
10 Mitsubishi (10)


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