LBF T30 stacked WIDE borders
LBF T30 stacked WIDE borders

THE Leasing Broker Federation is launching the LBF T30 at our annual awards evening on November 23.

The LBF T30 will profile the top leasing brokers by fleet volume in the Leasing Broker Federation.

“The leasing companies have their own well-respected FN50 table, so it’s about time leasing brokers had something similar for their sector and to demonstrate their professionalism and level of IT processes the industry has in place,” commented Nationwide’s Keith Hawes from the Leasing Broker Federation Steering Committee.

The Leasing Broker Federation will publicise the LBF T30 to gain wider recognition for the sector.

What you have to do to register for the LBF T30

All you need to do is register your fleet size under management for 2016 (Jan-Dec).

Fleet sizes will be scrutinised by our four funding partners to ensure entries are credible.

How to place your entry in the LBF T30

Simply click here and the link will take you to our microsite. It takes seconds!

Book your place at our triple treat: Conference, Awards dinner and LBF T30

On November 23 we’ll have our first Leasing Broker Conference during the day, followed by the Awards evening and LBF T30 unveiling in the evening.

You can book for both day and evening events or separately. Click here to secure your place.



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