New MOT rules will crackdown on diesel vehicles warns Leasing Options
New MOT rules stricter for diesels says Leasing Options

The MOT test is set to be overhauled to bring it in line with EU rules, making it much stricter, especially for diesel cars.

The new MOT test will see vehicle faults categorised as minor, major or dangerous. But all minor issues trigger an automatic fail. Minor faults will be roughly equivalent to the currently issued ‘advisories’ which should be noted but do not require fixing and retesting.

The changes will be introduced on May 20.

Mike Thompson, brand manager at Leasing Options said: “There’s so many changes within the motoring industry at the moment that it’s hard for consumers to keep up.

“Diesel car owners are feeling really under pressure with various Government decisions resulting in increased costs. We want to reassure diesel car owners that there are options available to them, but they should make an informed decision before they rush into anything.”

Other changes include any vehicle found to have a removed or tampered with diesel particulate filter will automatically fail, as will any vehicle with a DPF that emits ‘visible smoke of any colour’.

All emissions tests will be made much tougher too, aiming to improve air quality in UK towns and cities. Other additions include further tests for steering, reverse lights and brake discs.

Vehicles over 40 years old now exempt from MOTs altogether. Last month the government shelved plans to increase the MOT exemption of new vehicles from three to four years after members of the public expressed safety concerns during a consultation period.


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