A NEW platform, aimed at the leasing industry and motor dealers, provides a single, web-based solution to manage and ultimately sell large numbers of stock and campaign vehicles.         

Stockviewer is being launched by Ebbon-Dacs, the Oxford-based technology solutions provider, which found that stock lists and sales campaigns are still managed through inefficient methods such as spreadsheets.

This has the drawback of not providing a ‘live’ view of vehicle stocks available to the sales channels responsible for selling them, often resulting in confusion or errors, including unnecessary phone calls to check stock availability or duplication when two buyers think they have bought the same vehicle.

Stockviewer removes these issues as stock and sales campaigns can be shared with internal teams or external sales channels. Dealers and manufacturers will have the ability to not only advertise stock to their own sales teams but also to their external partners such as leasing companies or brokers.

As it is a live platform, Stockviewer provides full visibility of the status of all stock held in real time so that all buyers and sellers have the latest information on stock and vehicle availability, which also ensures vehicle order duplication is avoided

The platform allows multiple stock vehicles to be loaded and updated quickly and efficiently without re-keying, saving time and resources. A quick, intelligent search facility enables specific vehicles to be easily located.

For Leaselink users, Ebbon-Dacs is integrating Stockviewer within the Leaselink platform – thus providing users with the ability to have all vehicle orders in one place and avoiding the need for re-keying of transactions. 

Stockviewer can also work independently of Leaselink and users do not have to belong to the Leaselink community to enjoy the full benefits of using the new platform.

Head of Commercial, Michael Terry, said: “Stockviewer provides a real time view of the status of all of your vehicle stock and campaigns, bringing stock owners, buyers and sellers together onto one trading community platform.

“The live database gives customers a one stop shop that we believe will set new standards for managing and selling stock and campaign vehicles.”