Conf Nigel Morris A DSC 9039
Conf Nigel Morris A DSC 9039

TAX expert Nigel Morris from MHA Macintyre Hudson has been confirmed as a speaker for Conference 2018 – What does the future look like?.

Those of you who attended last year’s conference will recall Nigel’s excellent talk the morning following the Budget.

This year, Nigel – who is a Tax Director at consultancy firm MHA Macintyre Hudson – will have a little more time to prepare!

Nigel will be talking about the tax implications of WLTP along with how future legislation will affect business motoring.

“There is a lot of confusion over WLTP and quite a lot to think about when you consider proposed taxation and reduction to 110g/km for leasing disallowance, and so on,” said Nigel.

“Take a BMW 3 Series that had a NEDC rating of 102 g/km and under WLTP is rated at 115 g/km. Does it fall off a choice list that is capped at 110 g/km? Is it right that 115 g/km is used when HMRC still uses NEDC and may not legislate to change that until 2019?”

As if WLTP wasn’t complex enough…

Nigel Morris is the third speaker confirmed for Conference 2018 – What does the future look like?, joining Cazana’s Rupert Pontin, and Nick Molden from Emissions Analytics.

For more on the Conference, click here: Conference 2018 takes the theme of ‘What does the future look like?’

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