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WORKING from home has really become a thing since lockdown and many have found it quite an eye opener.
Less commuting, so more environmentally friendly, and less office space required. But is it something that you are thinking of continuing with for some of your employees?
If so, there are things you need to know:
Most important i that young people finding remote working much harder than older employees

A new independent survey of over 900 full-time workers in the UK has uncovered how they have adapted to remote working in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. It found:

  • 24% of people have found the transition to remote working difficult
    • This rises to 28% of millennials, compared with just 11% of those aged over 55
  • 28% of millennials have experienced regular problems with technology, while 30% have faced daily problems with their internet connection
    • This drops to just 18% and 12% of over 55-year-olds, respectively
  • 27% of millennials feel their organisation should have provided more training to help them do their jobs efficiently from home, compared with only 9% of over-55s

London-based tech developer Studio Graphene commissioned an independent survey among over 900 full-time employees within UK businesses.

Ritam Gandhi, founder and director of Studio Graphene, said: “After several weeks of lockdown in the UK, the challenge of remote working has clearly taken its toll on some people.

“Interestingly, this research reveals a disparity between millennials and older generations when it comes to people’s acclimatisation to remote working.

“Whether it is because of less suitable (or comfortable) living conditions or higher expectations of their companies, it is clear that millennials are struggling more with the change – this includes tech issues, physical pains and the need for more support.”

The Leasing Broker Federation can help members through some of these issues through its new Training Campus aimed at providing employees with something meaningful to do as well as helping to boost confidence and support their mental wellbeing while working at home, or if they are still on furlough.

The Leasing Broker Federation’s Training Campus is designed to deliver useful, relevant and value-adding training courses to all Leasing Broker staff, whether they work in Sales, Customer Service, Operations, Finance or Senior Management.

It will also provide insight into Effective Remote Working, setting out the changes an employee will need to be making in order to maintain productivity and efficiencies whilst working away from the office.

The courses have been created to specifically focus on the Automotive Leasing sector, with some courses carrying a recognised training accreditation.

These modules will be delivered in a virtual classroom and will be a duration of approximately 1 hour each. Find out more here.




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