1. Insurance tracking is becoming bigger and bigger each year. And with the advantages of fleet tracking systems companies can save a fortune by just planning routes correctly, and keeping an eye on the drivers speed.


  2. Big Congratulations to Andy and his team at Vanarama – what a great achievement and a well deserved award.

  3. The real issue is warranty. The funder building in maintenance is taking all the risk, so they could have potential issues. Secondly the funder is not going to want to pay over trade price on it. Tried this a few years back and it worked out less costly for the customer to go new or pre-reg.

  4. Is this legislation retrospective to vehicles already registered or is it for new vehicles registered after the legislation is enacted? If it is retrospective, then it’s just another way of making money for someone by ripping off the motorist, yet again!

  5. I wonder what new ideas he will bring for the company. Even though VW had successful sales in the past, their company marketing strategy didn’t age well. Volkswagen needs to appeal a broader demographic. I feel their cars are reserved or suitable for the older and business type of person. They need sporty models that appeal to young people.


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