Sebastiano Fedrigo
Sebastiano Fedrigo

THE former head of the FCA Bank owned leasing company, Leasys UK, has been replaced by Sebastiano Fedrigo.

Roberto Bellavia – the former Head of Leasys UK – has been appointed to Leasys Belgium to replace Danny Meulenberghs as the Head of Leasys Belgium.

Sebastiano Fedrigo, who now replaces Bellavia, was formerly Country Manager of the FIAT and Abarth brands in the UK.

Leasys UK were thought to be keen on expanding their broker arrangements, but activity has gone quiet.

The appointments follows a significant change in senior Leasys management.

Alberto Grippo has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer at Leasys.

Married with three children, Alberto’s latest assignment was in Madrid where, from 2015, he led the operations of FCA Bank in Spain, Portugal and Morocco. It was in this role that, after taking FCA Bank’s first step outside Europe with the successful launch of the Moroccan operation, he led the implementation of the first European branch of Leasys in Spain.

Grippo is tasked with  the further internationalisation strategy of Leasys. Leasys now operates in six countries outside of Italy.

Giacomo Carelli (FCA Bank’s CEO) maintains his role as Chairman of the Board.


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