David Mercer MD V12 Vehicle Finance
David Mercer, V12 Vehicle Finance

SECURE Trust Bank has launched a new vehicle finance package with which it aims revolutionise the sourcing, funding and financing used cars and vans for UK dealers and part of a wider plan to treble motor lending by 2023.

Established with the vision of providing dealers with a financial services hub, V12 Vehicle Finance integrates elements of wholesale stock funding and consumer vehicle finance with a range of remarketing services that have never previously been offered to UK dealers.

It is the result of a multi‐million pound investment by the Solihull‐based bank.

V12 Vehicle Finance’s objective is to help dealers to ‘sell more used vehicles, more often’ and has developed a strategic partnership with Aston Barclay Group ‐ the country’s third largest physical and digital auction company ‐ to deliver its integrated dealer proposition.

The wholesale proposition will be branded as Aston Barclay Stock Funding powered by V12 Vehicle Finance.

It offers an exclusive wholesale stock funding service to 6,000 Aston Barclay buyers, which includes 100% of the car or van’s value (plus auction fees), the delivery charge and refurbishment costs up to £1,000. VAT is also fully funded on vans which is a major benefit for dealers.

Dealers will be able to source and fund used car and van stock through the auction group’s network of physical and digital channels via their Buyer’s App.

V12 Vehicle Finance dealers will also have access to the Aston Barclay’s e‐Valuate vehicle appraisal solution and the e‐Xchange stock sourcing portal.

e‐Valuate enables dealers to inspect a car and produce a market price for their retail customer’s trade‐in: e‐Xchange in turn enables V12 dealers to buy and sell used cars through a live 24/7 marketplace that offers live online bidding and Buy Now functionality.

When it comes to helping dealers retail their used vehicle stock more quickly, V12 Vehicle Finance will provide a range of finance products to both prime and near‐prime customers.

It makes swift underwriting decisions, with the majority of customers signing e‐ documentation, including Hire Purchase and Personal Contract Purchase.

V12 Vehicle Finance has also teamed up with its sister company V12 Retail Finance to offer dealers a Service Assist finance product. It aims to remove the financial pressure vehicle drivers can experience when faced with expensive servicing, unplanned replacement repair or parts costs.

Payments can be spread over a six or 10‐month term (first month deposit required) always at 0% interest‐free, with loan values available between £250 and £2,500 Provision of consumer finance is subject to V12 Vehicle Finance terms and conditions.

David Mercer, V12 Vehicle Finance’s Managing Director, said: “We are focused on building a unique proposition for used car and van dealers that has never been seen before in the UK market.

“Secure Trust Bank has built a strong heritage in the vehicle finance sector with Moneyway and is keen to invest in new products to further grow the business.

“We are able to offer their dealers a digitally delivered stock funding product within the Aston Barclay Buyer’s App that aims to further increase profitability in their used vehicle businesses.”

V12 Vehicle Finance has invested in White Clarke Group’s CALMS technology asset finance platform to automate the wholesale and retail finance lifecycle process.

The software is used by more than 100 banks, captives and independent finance companies, in 30 countries.


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