Silverstone Appointments
Silverstone Appointments

SILVERSTONE Fleet Management has just launched a new initiative called Silverstone Appointments.

Silverstone Appointments enables customers to book a face to face meeting with a member of the Silverstone team.

It allows customer to go through their requirements over a coffee in a more relaxed and informal setting.

Scott Norville, Managing Director of Silverstone Fleet Management said:

“This is one of many steps to slowly come away from price comparison websites where it’s always a race to the bottom, giving no value to the customer.

“We have surveyed our database and our local businesses in the past three months and one thing that has been highlighted time after time was the confusion of offers and terms which are displayed on the internet and end up misleading customers.

In some cases, customers just want to talk to someone face to face and go through their requirements while building trust and relationships, which is very hard when done via a computer.

“We launched Silverstone Appointments at the beginning of August and we are delighted to see appointments being made.”

Norville points out that one such appointment was the  MD of a local business who had just visited the showroom of a premium dealership. He was treated in such a way that he walked out.

“After making an appointment with us, a member of the team went through his company’s needs, looking at ways to save money on their fleet with running costs and so on and we have now just secured their business.

“But, it’s not just businesses this is aimed at, but also the private individual who just wants to sit down over a coffee and go through their requirements. Slowing the buying process down is key to this. We need to establish what the customers want and doing this face to face I am confident they will be with us for years to come.”


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