TrackMyCar 2
Silverstone Fleet Management is pleased with TrackMyCar 2 customer order tracking

SILVERSTONE Fleet Management has invested over £50,000 in a new updated and revamped customer order tracking software, TrackMyCar 2.

Following on from the success of TrackMyCar, TMC version 2 enables new real-time tracking data feed from dealerships which enables customers to see the status of their order on a live basis, anytime, anywhere.

Scott Norville, managing director of Silverstone Fleet Management says: “Our new system provides our customers with information never seen in today’s market.

“Customers not only receive a SMS messages with new updates to log into TMC2 on a weekly basis via mobile or computer but each customer can track their order every step of the way from point of sale to delivery.

“We understand completely its not about the ‘sale’ it’s about the aftersales journey our customers take.

“If we can provide a market leading experience for our customers, they will keep coming back year on year. Many companies we found only focus on the sale and let the dealerships take over the delivery.

“We take control of all aspects with a high focus on what happens when the order is taken. From our reviews and testimonials, we see this is what our customer expects from a fleet management company.

“TMC2 has taken 12 months to develop and we went live last week winning awards on the way.

“We have seen some great response with high interaction with our new system which befits the customer to upload documentation into their own portal and liaise with the team via Live Chat if required.

“One of the key benefits is renewals. We know exactly when the car was delivered which in turn enables us to manage the renewal process more accurately using automation via our CRM system. Using technology in this way we have found less inbound calls coming into the office promoting productivity for new clients and remarkably managing customers’ expectations on a daily basis.

“TMC2 also has a fleet management section directly linked with the DVLA to obtain vehicle information for electronic licence checking.

“We have created an app to be used on mobile phones so end users can input mileages which is then fed from hundreds of vehicles into the system.

“Working closely with companies, we can give live updates and reports on a monthly basis which is very effective, especially if there is one vehicle going over the contracted mileage halfway through the term.

“The new system saves businesses tens of thousands of pounds as we become their very own in-house fleet manager.

“This service is free and had been received well within our local & national businesses we manage.”




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