Rivervale Paul Rogers
Rivervale Paul Rogers

SOUTH Coast former soccer legend Paul Rogers signs with Rivervale as a change in career direction brings him to the one-stop vehicle specialists in Portslade, Brighton.

Paul has set up his own venture Cube Consulting that he runs alongside splitting his time at Rivervale in the change in career direction. But moving to the  leasing world isn’t such a big leap for sportsman who was a city broker before turning pro on the pitch.

He says relationships and customer service are key to both commercial management in professional sport and vehicles.

Paul says it’s these that have enabled him to seamlessly maintain longstanding connections built through years of football sponsorship and partnership agreements.

“Trust and reassurance that you are dealing with professional people is key,” says Paul, now introducing his contacts to options for leasing vehicles through Rivervale.

“My role as business consultant is all about making connections, connections to people and businesses I know would benefit from the offerings Rivervale have in place.

“When it comes to cars, I’ve always been a real car fan which helps, but my background before professional football, as a broker in the city helps me to explain to clients the different options available to buy or lease vehicles.”


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