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Leasing Broker Awards 2018

THERE’S no question that WLTP has been a significant disrupter to the leasing broker market over the last six months.

Vehicle availability has been difficult – or non-existent – as manufacturers took their vehicles off sale for re-test under the new regulations.

But WLTP could have a more significant effect on your business in the medium term rather than this short-term disruption.

Do you fully understand what the implications will be?

Find out more from our expert speakers at Leasing Broker Conference on October 02, 2018 at the National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham.

Get to know what WLTP will mean with our conference speakers:

  • WLTP – what’s the difference between correlated NEDC and WLTP figures? – Abel Leathem, JATO Dynamics
  • How will WLTP and RDE affect residual values in 2019? – Rupert Pontin, Cazana
  • The tax implications of WLTP – Nigel Morris, MHA Macintyre Hudson
  • Helping fleet customers make intelligent choices on emissions – Tom Cardy, Emissions Analytics


Follow this link for the conference itinerary and booking form.


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