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QUOTEVINE and MyDVS are the two latest associate members of the Leasing Broker Federation.
Quotevine is a technology business that provides a suite of SaaS solutions to digitise asset and automotive finance.
It helps businesses in the asset and automotive finance industry to connect the dots and bring their operations into the digital age to keep pace with customers’ changing expectations.
The business is made up of both automotive and asset finance specialists, and leverages a combination of technical and industry know-how to solve familiar industry problems and spot inefficiencies that have not yet been addressed.
Emma Lemon, Head of Design and Marketing, said: We are pleased to be an associate member of the Leasing Broker Federation as Quotevine is passionate about building communities and meeting new peers.


“Our industry leading web solution enables Dealers and Brokers to market Finance and Leasing products online, our services cover bespoke Web Design, Digital Marketing, Consultancy, and IT Support. Everything we do is focused around achieving your objectives and making recommendations to drive your business forward.”

MyDVS websites are built using the latest technology and are GDPR/FCA compliant. They are SEO friendly and allow your clients to transact online.

All price plans include official CAP data and can be pre-loaded with dealer offers if required. The platform is designed with a secure area to allow clients to save quotations, order vehicles and complete finance proposals online.

They include a user-friendly admin page that enables you to upload rate books, run business reports, build E mail marketing campaigns and create export data feeds to all the main comparison sites such as, Contract Hire and Leasing, What Car etc


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